Implant Retained Dentures (Overdentures)

Implant Dentures in St. Augustine, FL

If you’ve lost a lot of bone in your jaws over time, it can really compromise the fit of your dentures. Implants offer an amazing solution to those who want a more secure fit without the need for any adhesive at all. These are referred to as overdentures and we love making these at Denture Designs and patients love them too! Theses snap-in dentures have gained a lot of popularity over the last decade and they can significantly improve your quality of life if you’ve been struggling with the fit of your dentures.

To make your overdentures, we work closely with your oral surgeon or periodontist that places the implants to ensure a seamless process. Or we can refer you to one of our trusted local colleagues if you’re not sure where to go for the surgery.

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Patient looking in the dental mirror.